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Creep Feeder 2_clipped_rev_1_edited.png

Green Acres Creep Feeder

Capacity: 3ton, 4ton, 6ton

Tubular Frame: 2 x 6 x 1/4"

Trough, Cone : Stainless

Tires: New Radial

Externally Adjustable Gates

No Wrenches or Tools

Easy open Lid

Extendable tongue

There is a reason why Green Acres Creep Feeder is often called "The best creep feeder on the Market". Thick Steel tubular frame, stainless steel trough and cone, make this a lifetime feeder. Four wheel Design illuminates the need for jacks. Feeder can be pulled down the road loaded. Conveniently attached to the back is a mineral feeder and oiler. Our V-shape gates make set up a breeze, it also offers the largest pen size on the market.


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